Sunday, December 09, 2007

UJS Hits New High in Rankings

UJS rockets up the rankings when Dorset primary schools are compared by the progress the children make from age 7 to age 11. Tables based on 'added value' over four years, published on the BBC news website ('right-click' to open in a new window or tab), show UJS as 12th out of 84 Dorset schools. For the third year running, UJS pupils made above average progress compared to schools in Dorset and across the country. On this measure, we are the second ranked school in Weymouth and Portland (up from fourth last year).

These figures are a much fairer way to compare the results of schools (as well as our own results from year to year) and are based on the progress made by that group of children from the SAT tests they took at age 7 to the ones they took at age 11. Unfortunately, the value added figures are not included in the table published in the Dorset Echo. On the measures used in the Dorset Echo, UJS still achieved a respectable 38th place out of 84 Dorset primary and middle schools.